Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soakin' Up Teh Warmz

The days are growing balmy but nights and early mornings are still chilly. Miss Kitteh's favorite spot in the house is wherever it's the warmest. When my lap won't hold still for her, she makes do with what's available:

"Yez, Ai *knoe* teh gubment sez 2 set teh thermo-thingy 2 68 degreez but mah butt iz freezin.
Turn teh warmz on."

"Mah belly is *almost* warm enuf. U may rub it 4 me, hooman."

"Teh warm rumbliez haz stopped. Turn dem bak on."

"Ai grow weary ov u, hooman."

(Not familiar with LOLcats? Confused by LOLspeak? Help is available! And dere r lots moar kittehs here!)

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