Friday, March 4, 2011


I spent hours last night (and a little while this morning and a few minutes this afternoon) crafting a new post, only to have it disappear in a blaze of electrons. I don't know if the problem was with the Blogger editor, or if I hit a wrong combination of keys, or what, but *poof*...there it went. And then auto-save kicked in and "helpfully" saved my newly-empty post, and "undo" did nada.

Perhaps it was for the best; I was hesitating to publish the post anyway. I'd originally intended to publish it last night, but instead used one I kept at the ready for occasions when I have no time or original thoughts. I'd had qualms about publishing the evaporated essay because I'd written some things that friends might well take amiss. Since it was hardly a life-or-death matter, I'd decided that letting it "cool" awhile then re-reading it (and editing it, if needed) would be best. And now it's gone. Oh well, I wasn't perfectly happy with its wording, anyway. (Sour grapes? Moi?)

I've made some notes on what I can remember of the post (which is quite a lot, actually) and will keep it in mind for the future. If the idea keeps screaming to be let out, I'll write it up again, probably making it better in the process. So why do I keep thinking of Porlock?

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