Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busting Through

My daffodils are coming up. In February! The abnormally high temperatures—following two weeks of the coldest, nastiest winter weather I've ever seen in this state—have the poor flowers thoroughly confused.

I can't really blame them; I've been feeling oddly upbeat and energized myself. Maybe that's because the awful weather is gone (at least for the moment; we've still got weeks of winter left and who knows what's yet to come), but I think it actually started while there was still snow on the ground. I feel like I did in my late teens and early twenties when I was first living on my own (and loving it), working full time, and putting myself through college (also full time). I was busy, but pleasantly so. That only lasted a year or two before I cut back on my semester hours, fell in love, got married, and generally turned into a "grown-up." But I remember that as one of the happiest and most intellectually rewarding times of my life, and I've been flashing back to it a lot lately, which is cool. Maybe I just need to quit listening to '80s music and find something a little more current!

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