Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inviting You to Ask an Atheist

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 13th) is National Ask An Atheist Day 2011. The event, which is sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance (SSA), is targeted primarily at secular groups on high school and college campuses, but hey, I consider myself a lifelong student—I'm always up for learning something new!—so if you have a question for an atheist but there are no freethinking high school or college kids handy, try me. Just post your question using the "comments" option below this post. (If you're not comfortable posting your question publicly, you can contact me privately. I use the service whose name starts with a Y, and my login name there is the same as my screen name on this blog. I promise not to publish your name or any other identifying details if I answer your question here.) If there are no questions from the audience, I'll post some questions that I've been asked in real life, and my answers to them, in the next few days.

I'm not a theologian or any variety of scientist, and I don't pretend to be; questions on subjects of which I have little or no personal knowledge will be probably be answered with a link to a Wikipedia article. What I can talk about is my opinions and experiences as a reasonably normal, intelligent person who happens to be a member of "the most distrusted minority in America." Trust is based on honesty and openness, and that's what I'm offering. Interested?


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