Friday, July 29, 2011

Networking Nightmare

Sorry for the extended silence. I've been busy, partly with a family situation that prompted me to (reluctantly) join Facebook, and partly with Google+. As a newcomer to both Facebook and Google+,* I'm simultaneously overwhelmed (by all the data suddenly streaming into my life, from Google+ and from relatives via Facebook), underwhelmed (by Facebook's interface), and enthralled (by Google+, and I mean that in both the "Wow!" and "I've sold my soul to Google" senses).

Things are starting to settle down, though, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. I hope to drop by the Oklahoma Freethought Convention tomorrow at least long enough to sit in on ERV's talk. I've seen ERV (a.k.a. Abbie Smith) give a couple of other presentations, and they were simultaneously entertaining and informative. I'm not as familiar with the other scheduled speakers (Matt Dillahunty, "AronRa," "The Thinking Atheist," Matt Silverstein, and Dr. William G. Morgan), so I'll just be playing it by ear once Abbie is done.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

* And social networking in general, although I've used LinkedIn for about a year, and have participated in various user forums to some degree for decades, starting in the era of dial-up Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs). If the phrase "HI MAGGI" means anything to you, you're probably in my neighborhood, both age- and location-wise.


  1. I never could guess who the sysop was :/

    1. The sysop of HI MAGGI? If I ever knew his (?) name, I've long since forgotten it. :-(

      Possibly I'm confusing that sysop with another (I hung out on a couple of different BBSs back in the day), but I remember that the first time I dialed in to the BBS and was setting up a user account, I was asked to enter my street address to verify my identity. (IIRC, new users didn't get full access to the BBS until they'd mailed the sysop a copy of their driver license, with an address that matched what they'd entered during registration.) As I finished entering my address, I got a message from the sysop saying that I was verified. I messaged back and asked how he could be sure I hadn't entered a fake address? He replied that he was monitoring the system and had watched me register; he could tell from the way that I typed my info—without any hesitation—that I wasn't just making up stuff randomly. :-)